10 Most Expensive Horse Breed With Price

Most Expensive Horse Breed – While equines are among one of the most taxing as well as pricey friend pets (both in starting costs and also care taking expenses), the overall price of equine possession can differ hugely. It will cost you significantly a lot more than a pasture smoke living in your yard if you want to own a champion competitive efficiency equine.

Whatever your goals are for your new equine friend, right here are 11 of the most expensive horse breeds money can get.


Cost: $7,000– $100,000.

For a purebred show prospect, Friesian equines are just one of one of the most costly types around today. These stunning equines are classy, amicable, as well as perform well in a range of disciplines. But they are not inexpensive, and also can typically struggle with pricey genetic diseases also.

As a result of extensive type standards, a registered Friesian with great conformation and strong bloodlines can bring in between $7,000– $10,000– just for a foal!

If you desire to acquire a trained as well as reveal all set Friesian, be prepared to pay upwards of $40,000. Top-quality breeding stallions have cost more than $100,000, and also many are important as studs.


Cost: $500– $50,000.

Expensive Horses: Moonin The Eagle, $2.1 million (source), Sixy Brown Eyes, $180,000 (source).

The Quarter horse is just one of one of the most versatile as well as most popular breeds in the United States. You can find them nearly anywhere, at nearly any type of cost point.

These horses usually perform at leading degrees in the rodeo field as well as racetrack. With leading making potential comes a top cost– a well-performing rodeo quarter horse can fetch $25,000– $50,000 or even more.

On the racetrack, Quarter Horse children can quickly cost $2,000– $200,000 at public auction, depending on auto racing documents and also bloodlines. These equines are commonly marketed to private owners that train them for western supply work, as well as the expense only boosts from there.

Because Quarter horses and quarter horse crosses are so plentiful, you can usually find an appropriate Quarter horse to fulfill your requirements at $1,000– $5,000 (in some cases much less!).


Expense: $500– millions.

Pricey Steeds: Fusaichi Pegasus $70 million (source), Environment-friendly Ape $16 million (source).

Thoroughbreds are bred for rate as well as endurance. Expert racehorses with tried and tested record can fetch numerous thousands of dollars at auction– or perhaps millions!

Nonetheless, a lot of Thoroughbred auto racing professions are short. These horses relinquish auto racing and go on to various techniques such as leaping, eventing, or enjoyment riding. The cost of a Thoroughbred can vary wildly depending on training and also talent due to the fact that of this.

Some Thoroughbreds are rescued off the track for a couple of hundred dollars, and others have winning occupations in the program ring. If you’re trying to find a relatively economical pleasure equine that may simply require a little job, taking on an “off-the-track-Thoroughbred” may be your best choice.


Cost: $1,000– $100,000.

Expensive Equines: Pepita 1.5 million (resource), Sefora $350,000 (resource).

Arabians have constantly had the credibility of being lovely, flexible– and also costly. This old type was refined over centuries of devoted precise reproduction, as well as those bloodlines still influence the breed today.

In the 1980s, during the “Arabian boom” equines were fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars– upwards right into the millions! Individuals gathered impressive Arabians like fine art– investing millions right into broodmares and generating top-quality foals.

Today, a championship foal or broodmare in the United States can cost upwards of $30,000. There are several Arabians and also Arabian crosses readily available for a much reduced cost. If you’re looking for a seasoned path horse, rescue friend, or pasture smoke, you can typically discover an Arabian for less than $1,000.


Expense: $3,000– $60,000.

The regal Andalusian is a Spanish steed with a lengthy flowing mane and also tail, as well as he commands a target market anywhere he goes. These gorgeous, versatile, and gentle equines bring a high cost, even as foals.

Non Listed Andalusians and Andalusian crosses begin around $3,000 but the cost just increases from there.

Lots of top Andalusians are imported from Spain. Be prepared to pay $50,000 or more for a ready-to-show Andalusian.


Price: $4,000– $30,000.

Full-blooded Gypsy Vanner horses transform heads anywhere they go. Initially reproduced to be the best carriage horse for Irish tourists, these horses pertained to the US in the 1990s and currently perform in a range of disciplines.

They can be hard and costly to find since these equines are rather new to the United States. Registered unbroken foals as well as youngsters tend to begin around $4,000 on EquineNow.


Cost: $4,000– millions.

The Majority Of Costly Equine: Totilas $13 million (source).

The Dutch Warmblood is one of the most successful performance types, mastering dressage, enjoyment, eventing, and showjumping riding. An extremely experienced Dutch warmblood with a competitive Olympic show record can cost hundreds of thousands to countless dollars.

If you’re seeking an excellent jumper to prosper in the reduced levels, a well-bred Dutch warmblood can set you back anywhere from $40,000– $100,000. An imported Grand Prix equine might set you back upwards of $500,000.

Nonetheless, if you’re just trying to find a good pleasure equine to take you with regional competitors, there are lots of excellent Dutch warmbloods available in between $4,000 and $20,000 on Equinenow.com.

What a horse the most expensive horse breed in your mind?


Price: $3,000– $50,000.

Holsteiners are several of the finest athletes that cash can buy. Succeeding at show jumping, dressage, and also eventing, these steeds can do everything– with an excellent personality as well!

Top affordable steeds are costly, specifically those that have been imported from Europe right into the United States. While Holsteiner steeds are popular in the show jumping ring, they are not as commonly discovered as various other breeds.

Somebody searching for a great task equine or child might discover a good Holsteiner for $3,000– $4,000, but for a well-trained jumping possibility, be prepared to pay upwards of $50,000 for your next partner.


Price: $7,000– $100,000.

Most Expensive Equine: Lemony Nicket, $1,125,000 (source).

Hanoverian horses allow movers with large cost. This type frequently ranks extremely in the WBFSH rankings, with a high cost to match.

These steeds are superb professional athletes and also are suitable for many self-controls. They also master the show seeker arena, where kind is treasured over speed– not a simple accomplishment for any kind of steed or cyclist!

Like other European warmbloods, a lot of the finest examples of this type are imported directly from Germany, which raises the cost. Yet, an amateur cyclist may locate an excellent Hanoverian or Hanoverian cross for in between $7,000 and $20,000 on Equinenow.


Price: $4,000– $500,000.

While the Oldenburg type computer system registry may be extra accepting with its demands than various other breed pc registries, Oldenburgs were bred to do. A trained Oldenburg with a tried and tested competition document can set you back a pretty penny since of this.

Elite broodmares and riding steeds can command a cost of over $100,000 at public auction. For the amateur simply starting, a skilled Oldenburg can cost anywhere from $4,000 for a laid-back summertime rival to a $200,000 German-bred stallion on Equinenow.


Cost: $15,000– millions.

Many Expensive Steed: Palloubet d’Halong, $15 million.

The Selle Francais excels in the Olympic and also Grand Prix showjumping field. The most costly show jumper ever offered was a Selle Francais called Palloubet d’Halong, that marketed for nearly $15 million in 2013. (resource).

If you do not have $15 million lying about, there are more economical jumping steeds on the marketplace, particularly from personal vendors trying to find amateur riders. Still, be prepared to shell out $15,000– $20,000 if you’re searching for a well qualified Selle Francais to take you to the next level.


Keep in mind, truth cost of steed possession will differ wildly in between breeds, requirements of treatment, and also planned usage. There’s no requirement to conserve $50,000 for a yard pony unless you plan on training him for elite competitors.

Costly equines are not guaranteed to be far better entertainers just due to the fact that somebody paid a great deal of cash for them. Take into consideration the overall expense of your steed beyond the purchase price– and also work out on a breed that functions best for you if you’re looking for your next equine companion.

For a pure-blooded program prospect, Friesian steeds are one of the most costly types out there today. These lovely equines are sophisticated, friendly, and also carry out well in a selection of disciplines. These horses retire from racing and also relocate on to different self-controls such as jumping, eventing, or pleasure riding. Since of this, the cost of a Thoroughbred can vary wildly depending on training as well as skill.

If you’re looking for a seasoned path steed, rescue buddy, or field puff, you can typically discover an Arabian for less than $1,000.

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